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LATIK (Coconut Residue)

One ingredient, plus some patience and you'll have the perfect accompaniment to most Filipino desserts and delicacies. Latik, or coconut residue is pretty easy to make.


1 can of coconut cream (13.5 fl. Oz)



In a pan on medium heat, pour coconut cream and bring to a slow boil.

Turn heat to low-to-medium and let coconut cream simmer until most of the liquid from the coconut cream has evaporated--- about 30 minutes.

Gently stir the coconut cream. Notice at this point the coconut cream would have roughly solidified into small pebble size residue. Continue to simmer.

You may separate the residue into smaller bits with a wooden cooking ladle or spatula.

Continue to cook until the coconut residue turns golden brown in color. Some prefer a darker, richer color. Your choice.

Turn off heat and set aside to cool. You may separate oil from the coconut residue using a mesh sieve.

LATIK (Coconut Residue)
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