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And likely the perfect timing to subscribe to this grocery delivery service, or just a tad bit late. But better late than never. The COVID-19 pandemic provided the right opportunity to finally saw yes to this weekly subscription of grocery items which include produce, fruits, meats, deli, snacks, etc. at a low price of an average of $60 dollars weekly for a family of 4. The caveat? Imperfect produce, fruits, meats--- which do not really look imperfect at all. The idea, and the mission behind Imperfect Foods is "to eliminate food waste and build a better food system for everyone."

"Imperfect was founded to fight food waste by finding a home for the imperfect or “ugly” fruits and vegetables that farms couldn’t sell to grocery stores. This concept took root and grew like a zucchini after a rainstorm. The more we learned, the more we realized that it wasn’t the food that was really imperfect after all; it was the food system. So, as the number of products we offer and cities we serve increases, we keep finding new ways to make a positive impact on our world."

Two days before my scheduled weekly delivery, I have the option of customizing my box--- or to just have the default box delivered. In my case, upon signing up for the subscription, I chose organic produce only (we have been 85% to 90% organic since 2015). You can actually customize your weekly box delivery based on your diet preference, too. How convenient is that? This has made it easier for me to plan our weekly meals. The best part, we are eating different kinds of vegetables daily. As well, we get different deli items from milk, to cheese, to butter, and even cold brew coffees and teas. Bread is available, too. But, nah, I bake some of the most delicious and beautiful breads which we do not run out of.


That said, I have cooked some of the most simple, easy to prepare dishes using Imperfect Foods and called them my Perfect Dishes from Imperfect Foods Series. Enjoy!

Dishes featured below where created and cooked using items from my weekly delivery from Imperfect Foods. Other ingredients such as herbs and seasonings are from my pantry. More recipes to follow!






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