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My family and I love cheese so much I decided to sign up for classes at the Cheese School of San Francisco to learn how to make various types of cheeses. I learned how to make one of my favorite cheeses back in February 2020, the Triple Creme Brie. Above is a photo of my 7-week old Triple Creme Brie. It tasted amazing!


Jet-lagged, having arrived the night prior from less than 2 weeks of stay in the Philippines, here I was having fun working on my skills at cheese making.


Done cutting the curd mass.

Transferred the curds to the molds and let them drain.


While waiting for the curds to drain, we were served a nice brunch of salad, pastries and cheese, of course. I liked the salad best, which I tried to recreate at home a few weeks later.


I had to fly home to the Philippines a couple of weeks after. My ever-reliable daughter took care of the cheeses' salting and aging process while I was gone. Below is a photo she sent me of the cheeses after they started to develop a white bloomy mold. This white surface was the base for the cheeses' ripening.


Five weeks later, we had one of the Triple Creme Brie-- the star of my charcuterie for that night. We let the other cheese ripe for a couple of more weeks. We wanted to compare the taste and texture of the two.


The other cheese, aged for 7 weeks definitely tasted better, in my opinion. I like how it ripened, and it had a more continuous texture from surface to center and overall, tasted creamier. We had it with our small grazing table for Easter 2020. See below photos.


Unfortunately, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Cheese School of San Francisco had to suspend our other cheese making classes. I have signed up for two other classes and look forward to when the pandemic is over when I will be making Mozzarella and Ricotta cheeses.


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