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I grew up hanging around my father’s shop-atelier. He was an artist and had tools kids my age then were told not to touch, play with, or even be near to. Such was not the case with me. My father encouraged me to discover, to experiment and be lost in my imagination and artistry, whatever it was then.

I probably learned how to say “X-acto knife” first than how to say the name of the street where I lived. As a young girl, I tinkered with, played with, and used the X-acto knife as a tool as my father did. I was cutting out designs or tracing stencils. Mimicking what he was doing. Countless times I walked into his shop and asked, “Where’s the X-acto knife?” And he always handed it to me.

It did not matter whether I was doing things right. What was important was he gave me the freedom to learn and explore. I became comfortable using a tool as sharp as an X-acto knife at an incredibly young age. I learned how to hold it just right--- not too loose and not too tight so I may be able to control and maneuver how it glides, cuts and slashes. I even learned how to change blades when I find them dull and not cutting as precisely as they should.

And here today, many years later, I am using the X-acto knife as a tool on my current art--- scoring sourdough breads. Constantly improving my skills drawing on breads.

It has come full circle, De!

Happy birthday! You would have been 77 years old today! I am missing you and I think of you often.

Here's to you and thank you for your beautiful art! Cheers! With much love.

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