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Snacking From All Over the World


We have a subscription with Universal Yums --- "Snacks from a different country delivered monthly."

What it is, basically, is that every month we get a box full of goodies from a featured country from around the globe. However, it is not announced which country the month's featured goodies will come from, which I think is part of the thrill waiting for a box full of treats. In April 2020, we had a box of goodies from France. Surprise! For May 2020, featured goodies were from the Philippines!

Take a look at our box and the surprise finds inside!


And oh, the trivia challenge is always interesting!

Did you know Filipino athletes invented the volleyball spike?

Volleyball was invented in 1895 in Massachusetts, but it was Filipino athletes who introduced the spike during US colonization of the Philippines (1898-1946). In fact, the spike was originally known as the "Filipino bomb!"

Have you tried these? Do you agree they are REJECTS?


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